The Journey Begins (as WordPress points out)

I’m a little drunk and I will never be able to remember my URL address (because there are about 11 digits after the preferred name but hey thats what you get when its for free), but I am so happy to finally FINALLY start my first blog, with a ton of help from my boyfriend 🙂 So here it goes…. I’ve already spent 3+ hours on a first intro post, only to save and publish it and then realizing my first ‘post’ was actually all in the title header.  Great first day, but I’m learning 🙂 This blog has the intention of being a chronicle/record of baking triumphs and mishaps of favorited recipes. I am sure it will evolve into something closer to a diary as it goes along. My dad always says I bake when I’m happy and I bake when I’m sad, baking is both a comfort and a cure, a source of joy and consolation. Lets see how it evolves.